“All marketing is customer service.”

As the social web and power of search engines become increasingly important to the success of brands, customer service is transforming from a management function to an important driver of marketing success and building a community.

It’s important to reach customers where they’re comfortable and create a system or strategy to engage with customers across multiple platforms. When done right, great customer service can create loyal customers who will also drive others to your business.

The complexity of business in the digital age can seem daunting, but realize that all networks are made of people.  Design your customer process and service elements around engaging with people and keep the long-term success of your venture as your goal.

Communicating a great idea starts with a strong value-proposition. The value proposition for your business is how you communicate the benefit of your product/service through the lens of your customer/stakeholder. It’s important to note that different customer segments or even partners will all have a different value proposition.