Technology Transfer

The Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations (OTMIR) works to identify, assess, protect and market commercially viable intellectual property developed at The University of Missouri. The OTMIR evaluates new technologies, obtains patent protection where needed, identifies licensees and negotiates all intellectual property agreements. (source:

The University partners with industries in a number of ways:

  • sponsored research agreements,
  • joint R&D or collaborative agreements and by,
  • licensing University technologies for commercialization.

In practice, what this means to Missouri businesses is a ready supply of technologies that can be licensed for use.  This is a double win:

  1. Mizzou wins by achieving potential licensing revenues.
  2. The businesses win by having new products, capabilities and knowledge to compete in today’s world.

Further information can be requested from:
Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations
University of Missouri
1601 S. Providence Road, Suite 124
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: 573-882-6013