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  • One-on-One Counseling – no-cost coaching to entrepreneurs and small business owners who need assistance launching or growing their small business.
  • Business Plan – your business plan is an operating tool that should be the written expression of your business idea and projections on markets. Our counselors help you to take an objective, critical, unemotional look at your business project in its entirety.
  • Digital Marketing assistance with developing a marketing plan that will help you tap databanks that can provide customer lists, site analysis, sales territory management, demographic information and competitor information to assist you in selling local, state, national and international markets.
  • Financial Projections assistance with your financial inventory to help you determine your business’s strengths, weaknesses, growth potential and capital needs.
  • Loan Application Assistance assistance with preparing to apply for a small business loan ness plan and financial projections
  • Market Research finding new customers is a challenge for any business. Our advanced research databases allow you to efficiently target specific markets to provide strategic direction or sales leads.
  • SEO Review search is an important factor for many businesses. Even if a customer wanted to use your business could they find you? Our Counselors will analyze your site for technical/ customer optimization and provide detailed instructions to improve your site.
  • Tech Commercialization/SBIR specialized services to businesses looking to advance, protect, and commercialize their research, innovations, and new technology.


What are your goals?

  • Economic Gardening grows locally owned companies through an innovative entrepreneur-centered strategy designed to create sustainable economic growth for communities, regions and states.
  • Financial Analysis Report financial analysis tools to help you measure the financial health of your business, determine your strengths and weaknesses, and plan for the future.
  • Management – performance assessment , strategic planning, improving management skills
  • International Marketing 97% of all exports are made by small businesses. We are here to assist your business in the revenue growth and job creation that results from expansion into global markets.
  • Energy & Environmental Assistance one-stop resource for pollution prevention and environmental compliance assistance for Missouri small businesses.
  • Government Contract Procurement They can assist your business in obtaining federal, state and local government contracts by helping you identify opportunities and understand the contracting process.
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching – to assist clients in navigating the human dynamics that arise at all points along the entrepreneurial path.


Buissness Plan

  • Business Plans: The Key to a Successful Business – this workshop will provide you with step-by-step instructions for completing each section of your business plan, including the marketing plan, operations plan and financial plan.
  • Exploring Entrepreneurship – this offering will provide you with an overview of the critical first steps associated with starting a business. It is designed specifically for those who are thinking about a new business venture.
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media – there is more to digital marketing than social media and a website. Learn how finding the right tools, strategy, and measurements can grow your business.
  • HR Issues You Need to Know – discussion of the Labor Law and How to Recruit, Hire, Onboard, Employ, Separate, Etc.
  • Intermediate QuickBooks for Small Business – this is an advanced QuickBooks workshop, computer, hands-on learning opportunity for small business owners, office managers, and anyone with financial responsibilities.
  • Legal Entity & Small Business Contracts – what did you just sign? And what does it mean?  Matt Kitzi, with Armstrong Teasdale LLP, will conduct a hands-on exercise to help you understand key deal terms and issues to be addressed in the small business contract.
  • QuickBooks for Small Business – this is a basic, computer, hands-on learning opportunity for small business owners, office managers, and anyone with financial responsibilities.
  • Succession Planning & Valuing Your Business – do you plan to sell your business soon or in 20 years?  Succession planning and understanding how your business will be valued are critical to your success.
  • Supervising & Leadership Basics – this provides training in the basic skills needed by front-line supervisors.
  • Using Financial Statements to Manage Your Business – this workshop is designed for business owners, managers, accountants, bankers and consultants who need to know how to turn financial statements into useful management tools.


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