Business Plan Outline

Business name, address, website, phone number of business
Name of principal owner(s)
Date of plan

Table of Contents
Single page showing major topics and page numbers

Executive Summary
Brief one-two page statement of the business plan objectives
Business description and stage of development
Business structure (legal organization)
Principal owners and proportions of ownership
Financing proposal – how much funding is needed for the business, include startup costs.
Owner equity, how funds will be used, amount of working capital needed, and how the money will be paid back to lender or investors.

Description of the Business
Provide detailed description of the business.  Describe products and services you will be offering.  Describe location of your business and why you chose this location.  Include legal structure, ownership, your intended market, present status of the business, history of the business, and when your business will open.

Describe what you are selling and how it will benefit the customer.  What is different about the product or services your business is offering.

Marketing Plan
Look at industry trends. What is the current size of your industry?  Who are your customers?  Define you target market and their demographics.  Are your markets growing, steady or declining? Identify your direct competitors. Do a competitive analysis.  Plan a pricing strategy.  What advertising and promotion will be used?

Management and Operations
Who will manage your business in day-to-day operations? Describe management and key personnel background/business experience.  What are your personnel needs?  Explain the daily operations of the business.

Financial Plan
Plan a sound, realistic budget needed to start and operate your business. What are your start-up costs?  What is your operating budget? How much working capital do you need?  Comprise financial projections for profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow projections.